Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 12/30/14

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 12/30/14


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Billy: Did you forget something?

Chelsea: Like what?

Billy: We're going to the New Year's Eve party at the club. Or is this a Chelsea Lawson by Jabot fashion statement?

Chelsea: Oh, no, this is my, um, "Before Connor can spill something on me" strategy.

Billy: So you can't get dressed until your mom shows up to babysit.

Chelsea: Not if I want to be half of the most stylish couple at the party.

Phyllis: Yeah. But I know how hard this year has been for you, and you have not complained, thinking it was worse for me.

Jack: It was worse for you.

Phyllis: Well, I slept through most of it. But you, honey, had many losses. Learning that summer was really nick's daughter and the unbearable tragedy of Delia, which also cost you someone you thought of as a son. Even if Adam didn't deserve your loyalty. So, tonight, I want to help you forget all sadness and ring in this new year with all its possibilities.

[Door opens]

Summer: Mom! I need your help! I'm meeting Austin at the underground for New Year's, and this dress is a complete -- oh! I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Phyllis: [Laughs] My daughter needs me. This year is getting off to the perfect start. Come on. Let's see what's wrong with this dress

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