Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 12/10/14

Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 12/10/14


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Mariah: Hey, Santa. What's shaking? You know, that tree you brought me is still standing -- well, kind of. It was on life support when you brought it to me. Hello? Debbie Downer, what's the matter? You look like you lost your only friend.

Kevin: That is exactly what I am afraid of.

Mariah: Why are you acting so weird? Does it have something to do with the crack I made about you losing your best friend? Something happened I'm not aware of? Did you actually go out and find a best friend?

Kevin: [Sighs] Have you seen the latest "Plato Sphere" installment? That one-eyed bludgeoner -- he was one gnarly dude, huh?

Mariah: Seriously? I have told you all of this personal stuff -- what it was like growing up in the path, having a mother who didn't care about me -- stuff that, by the way, I don't talk to anyone about. And then you come in here so upset, you're almost catatonic, and when I ask you about it, you change the subject to "The Kingdom Beyond" fan fiction. The fantasy that that guy writes is more real than what's going on here. You're the one who was so eager to be friends, and it's not something that I know a lot about, but from what I've heard, the friendship thing -- it goes two ways. The hell with it.

Kevin: It's Michael.

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