Best Y&R Lines Thursday 12/4/14

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 12/4/14


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Mariah: Not a damn thing, which is what sucks. This whole thing sucks, and especially this Christmas --

Kevin: Let me guess -- it sucks.

Mariah: Yes. I mean, you get it, right -- how depressing it is?

Kevin: Oh, yeah. I mean, the way it starts before Halloween?

Mariah: Yeah. What's up with that?

Kevin: And the bouncy music with the sleighs and the joy and the jingling.

Mariah: Yeah, and that poor thing with the allergies. It kills me.

Kevin: What allergies?

Mariah: The -- the reindeer.

Kevin: Rudolph?!

Mariah: Hello! Red nose! You think Santa would clue in to the fact that he had allergies or at least a very bad cold.

Kevin: Well, but, I mean, it is the North Pole, right?

Mariah: Exactly, but, no, no, Santa can't give him a break. Instead, he's got to use him to haul his fat but and a gazillion toys all over the planet in one night.

Kevin: I'm gonna guess that you didn't have any of that stuff growing up.

Mariah: No. In the path, December 25th is just like any other day -- another chance to worship at the altar that was Ian ward. And my mother -- well, the woman who I thought was my mother --

Kevin: Helen?

Mariah: Yeah. She got squirrelly around me during this time of year.

Kevin: Squirrellier than usual?

Mariah: Off the charts. It was like there was something she thought that she should be doing, but she didn't know what.

Kevin: Well, she was supposed to be trimming a tree and getting you a couple of gifts.

Mariah: Well, she never did that. The whole time, it was like she was playing a part but she didn't know the lines, which, if I think about it now, was Helen up, down, and sideways.

Kevin: I'm sorry you missed out on all that good stuff.

Mariah: Missed? No, no, no. I escaped. You think I wish I had grown up being force-fed stories about some weird guy watching me all year and then giving toys to only the nice kids?

Kevin: Well, I guess it does seem kind of forced -- and relentless. And the magic is definitely gone now.

Sage: What's the matter with you?! He is your brother -- your brother! Who knows how long he could have survived out there or bad his injuries were?! I need to call and check on him.

Adam: No, listen -- you already called for somebody, all right? You've done enough. He's gonna be fine. Trust me. I'm sure my dad's already flown in doctors from Switzerland or Sweden or wherever the hell he gets his specialists from nowadays. They've probably built him a bionic leg by now. Wouldn't surprise me if my father's hired a troubadour to write a folk song about the day that nick was rescued from the bear trap.

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