Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 11/25/14

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 11/25/14


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Nick: You again. I thought you were a bear. Don't you know you're not supposed to sneak up on some miserable drunk with an ax nearby? What's going on, buddy? Huh? You lost? Yeah, join the club. Well, come on. I could use the company. Come on. Here you go. [Sighs] There's got to be some alcohol in this place, huh? I mean, it's a hunter's cabin. Hunters love to drink. What's -- can alcohol go bad? Hmm? [Exhales sharply] Ooh! Maybe it can. You know, the smart thing to do would be to dump this out, but...I'm already drunk, so what could it hurt? Cheers. Ugh! That's some good paint thinner right there. [Sighs] That's nice. [Sighs] Feel that? Peace and quiet. Just men being men. You are a guy, right? You know what? You don't have to answer that. I can tell by that confused look in your eye. You know, the best part about this is there's no women -- none at all. It's women, my canine friend, that are always the problem.

Nick: Okay. Look at that. Look at the fire I made. I have made fire! I mean, it's not a great fire. I know. You don't have to say that, but I made it. Hey, maybe it just needs more wood, and that's the answer. We're on to something here. Women are never -- never the answer. Wood always is. How much wood must a nick chop if a nick must chop wood? He would chop -- ah, you're right -- that's lame. All right, you stay here. You're manning the fort. I'll get some more wood. What are you doing? What, are you my babysitter? What do you think I'm gonna do -- go all serial killer in the woods with my ax? [As Jack Nicholson] Here's Johnny! [Normal voice] All right. What's your story? I mean, it's not humor, 'cause I'm funny. Everybody says so. You seem like you can take care of yourself. But me -- [Sighs] Man, it's just a series of one bad move after another, and it's all because of a woman.

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