Best Y&R Lines Thursday 10/30/14

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 10/30/14


Provided By Darlene

Billy: So, a monkey, a lamb, and a pirate walk into a bar.

Chelsea: No more bad jokes. Don't make me go back and get my shepherd's crook and use it on you.

Billy: What are you gonna do with that thing, anyway? Hang it on our wall and use it to keep me in line?

Chelsea: Mm, there's a thought.

Billy: Hey -- hey, Connor, where did the sheep go on vacation? The bah-a-a-a-mas.

Lily: What's up?

Cane: I just want to talk to you about what you overheard my dad saying when you walked in.

Lily: Oh, honey, it's just Colin's usual idiocy.

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