Best Y&R Lines Thursday 10/16/14

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 10/16/14


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Mariah: I'm not sure why you care, since you're the one person who wants to make sure that nick and Sharon never get married. And, lucky for you, you have a new secret weapon -- your own personal flamethrower.

Victor: Who's that?

Mariah: Phyllis -- large, in charge, and back in town.

Kevin: You guys! Do you even see it? This -- this guy, this villain, this evil mastermind is getting inside of your heads. He's sowing seeds of discord. You will not be able to vanquish him if you're fighting each other.

Dylan: Vanquish?

Kevin: Yeah, or "get rid of him." That works, too.

Paul: Look, yes -- Ian is obsessed with Nikki. But he also loves outsmarting the authorities. His ego is at play here.

Dylan: What about you? Any second thoughts? I mean, if the public finds out about this, they look at our connection -- your credibility is ruined.

Paul: Dylan, I can handle my career. And I can keep you out of jail and I can keep you out of harm's way. So let me do it, okay? Until Ian contacts Nikki, we wait.

Kevin: And then we vanquish his ass.

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