Best Y&R Lines Monday 10/13/14

Y&R Best Lines Monday 10/13/14


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Abby: Ooh! I like your new office. Huh. I thought all the rooms in this building had portraits of dad hanging on the wall so he can hover over the employees.

Victoria: Well, I got special permission. Only photos of the kids.

Abby: Mm. Ooh! Any contractions? Please say no.

Victoria: No. No contractions.

Abby: And none of that water-breaking business?

Victoria: Relax. Your shoes are safe.

Abby: Oh. Thank God. Now, do you have any other good news to share?

Phyllis: How did you do it, Jack?

Jack: What, how did I deal with you? Well, it was work, but I figured out how to do it.

Phyllis: I'm talking about this past year. More than 12 months of hand-holding and one-sided conversations with me lying there like a lump.

Jack: Eh, you weren't that lumpy.

Phyllis: But you had to think I might never wake up, but here I am.

Jack: Thank God.

Phyllis: Well, then will you stop looking so worried? Will you please just give your brain and your heart an update? We will have a future together.

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