Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 10/7/14

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 10/7/14


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Chelsea: The watermelon water pearls were cute.

Billy: And the, uh -- what was it? Smoked-oyster ice cubes? [Chuckles]

Chelsea: Yeah, that was...

Billy: Beyond words.

Chelsea: You hated it.

Billy: No, no, it was, uh...

Chelsea: Ridiculous.

Billy: [Chuckles]

Chelsea: And the worst part is, I'm starving now. No, no, the worst part is it was my idea to go to that restaurant, and I'm starving now.

Billy: Never too late for pizza.

Chelsea: Yeah! Seriously?

Billy: Yeah. All it takes is a call.

[Knock on door]

Billy: It's true -- I'm psychic. I have a connection to the delivery guy.

Faith: The minister didn't say "husband and wife" like in the movies. Daddy has to bring Mommy home and say "husband and wife."

Noah: Oh. Sweetie, I don't think that they're gonna be able to do that tonight, okay? But Mom and Dad will be home soon.

Faith: The penny was supposed to be lucky.

Mariah: What penny? The one you gave Sharon for her shoe?

Noah: Sweetie, this wasn't about luck, okay? I mean, if anything, tonight -- it was good luck 'cause Summer's mom -- she was sick, and she got better.

Mariah: Hey, and didn't you have that talk about superstitions? You don't need a magic wand or a lucky penny to fix this. It's all gonna be fine.

Faith: But I wanted them to get married.

Mariah: Yeah, and I want a pink pony with braids.

Faith: Me, too.

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