Best Y&R Lines Monday 10/6/14

Y&R Best Lines Monday 10/6/14


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Sharon: I give myself to him.

Nick: And I give myself to you.

Faith: We do!

Summer: [Chuckles] That's right.

Noah: Absolutely.

Summer: We give them to each other.

Mariah: Sure.

Nick: Looks like it's unanimous.

Noah: Everybody, take a look at my mom. Isn't she beautiful? And I'm not just talking about her face or her dress. I'm talking about her character, the kind of person she is. She's kind and caring... funny, intelligent... loyal...and strong. Man, is she strong. About a year ago, she was in a very dark place. And everyone that knows her was worried about her, for good reason. She overcame that, and you turned your life around.

Sharon: It's because you and your father believed in me and supported me.

Noah: Of course, we did. But you made the decision to get better. And you did what you had to to make it happen. You had to do the work, and now you're redeemed. It is a miracle, to me, to see how far you've come, how brave you've been. Look at you, mom -- you're whole again, in mind, body, spirit. You're my mom again. And that's something that, at its lowest point, I... I thought might never happen again. You know, when I realized that you and dad were trying to find each other again... I had my doubts, and I made no secret of it. I was worried that you weren't ready, that you'd wind up getting hurt again. But you two overcame the doubters and the haters and, yeah, even your own mistakes. You proved to everybody, including me, that your love isn't just for today, for yesterday, for tomorrow -- every day. And I am so proud to be a part of it.

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