Best Y&R Lines Thursday 10/2/14

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 10/2/14


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Mariah: Breaking news -- Dylan McAvoy's been arrested for murdering Ian.

Austin: Whoa. Are you okay?

Mariah: Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine. It means I don't have to get that stupid annulment now, do I? Pisses me off, though. If he's really dead, like the cops are saying, it means I won't get to tell him off for what he did to me.

Austin: Wait. Look, I know the guy turned out to be a total creep, but he was like a father to you.

Austin: Yeah. He was the only real family I had, and... until the end, he never treated me badly -- just the opposite. But everyone will be happy that he's dead and gone.

Gloria: My turn! My turn! My turn! Oh, I am so glad. Look at you -- my big, grown-up college man. Ooh, I bet the ladies are loving you out there in New Mexico.

Fenmore: Uh, it's Arizona.

Gloria: [Laughs] See? That's how charming you ar -- my grandson taking over the entire southwest.

Fenmore: Yeah, I do okay.

Gloria: I bet you do. Oh, I just wish Jeffrey were here. He'd be as proud of you as I am.

Fenmore: Would you tell him hi for me?

Gloria: You bet I will. Let me see. Is it my imagination, or have you gotten taller since you've been gone.

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