Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 9/23/14

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 9/23/14


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Noah: You wouldn't know good luck if it came up and bit you in the --

Mariah: Excuse me?

Noah: If you ask me, you like being miserable.

Mariah: I didn't ask you, and you're wrong.

Noah: Really? Than why do you keep on pushing away people who are just trying to help you?

Mariah: Oh, was Sharon trying to help me when she kicked me out?

Noah: She didn't know that you were Cassie's twin.

Mariah: [Scoffs] Exactly. That's all that I am to you people, is Cassie's twin. You don't care about me or what I want or who I am. Sharon thinks she can just slot me into Cassie's place and that I'm just gonna forget about the life that I had before. I'm just gonna become the daughter that she lost.

Noah: The daughter she never had, and she's just trying to make up for it.

Mariah: I already have a mother.

Noah: Oh, right. You mean the one who just pops in and out of your life whenever it suits her. And now you have somebody that's willing to be there for you whenever you need it. So will Faith. Maybe even Summer.

Mariah: [Chuckling] Oh, yeah. Because Summer has been so supportive.

Noah: What do you expect? You keep on insulting the people that she loves.

Mariah: Oh, my God. And she had to act like a 5-year-old earlier and run and tell everybody what big, bad Mariah did. "Oh, Noah, did you hear what that witch said to me, how my mother was never gonna get better?"

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