Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 9/10/14

Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 9/10/14


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Dylan: The...sports...

Avery: Yeah, because the Steelers are playing the Ravens on Thursday night. Let's read about that. Troy Polamalu versus Joe Flacco.

Dylan: Flacco, yeah. I...didn't know you were interested in football.

Avery: Well, I've done my research. You've been distracted lately, and I wanted to come to you with some authentic football speak, so here it is. The hardest part is pronouncing...

Both: Polamalu.

Neil: Sure, sure. You race into town, playing the role of the concerned uncle and brother, pretending as if you're real family.

Malcolm: [Chuckles] What're we doing, huh? What, I'm not family now? Hmm? You're just kicking me to the curb because I didn't write you a letter, I didn't send you a postcard? If you want to keep it real, Neil, let's not forget where we were and what was going on the last time we saw each other.

Neil: Oh, no, no. I haven't forgotten where we were. We were at the hospital with Sofia and Moses, my son. That's not why you're here. You're dying to unload something on me. Even a blind man can see that.

Malcolm: Wow. You're right. Maybe my blind brother... can see after all. Neil, I came here for you. But I also came here for myself because I want to make peace.

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