Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 9/2/14

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 9/2/14


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Paul: You read him his rights?

Harding: Of course. I don't know that he understood them, though. He's kind of an idiot.

Paul: Come on in.

Harding: Come on. You want me to do the interrogation, Chief?

Paul: Just thinking that maybe Clarence might want to make a deal. Time to make a choice. Time to think for yourself, Clarence. Ian ward has been taking advantage of you women for years. In fact, your boss barely managed to stay out of prison with the Nikki Newman extortion case. So know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "boy, I sure would want to see Ian ward go down for this." And you're absolutely right. I certainly would. You and I both know this was not your idea. But here's my problem, Clarence. I don't have Ian. I have you. So you're the one that looks like is gonna go down r this. All because of your boss? He's only out to save his own skin. But it is all on you, Clarence. You were the one with the girl who was drugged in the wedding gown. And from what I understand, people who commit those kind of crimes... get a lot of special attention behind bars. Isn't that right, Harding?

Harding: I heard that, too.

Paul: Yeah. Unless you're smart. Are you gonna tell us exactly how Ian ward kidnapped and drugged that girl?

Clarence: A true believer stays on the path.

Harding: See what I told you, Chief? The guy's an idiot.

Paul: Show him the path to holding.

Avery: Oh! Even 12-year-old Phyllis took great pride in her video-game prowess.

Jack: Yeah, there's a classic Phyllis story -- stop me if you've heard this -- she -- she was working at Newman, trying to seal this deal, and she found out who the competition was, so she went right to that company, to the CEO's office, in her sexy little black dress, knocked on the door, opened it, and said --

Avery: "Get out your joystick and let's settle this."

Jack: Yeah, classic Phyllis.

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