Best Y&R Lines Monday 7/21/14

Y&R Best Lines Monday 7/21/14


Provided By Darlene

Abby: How formal are we going for with the seating? Couples across the table instead of side by side? Huh? Not that I want summer and Austin even in the same room. Could we put him in the pool house? Would that be rude?

Dylan: Don't worry. I'm gonna take it easy. Are you gonna order some coffee, or are you gonna keep playing mother hen?

Stitch: I should order for every resident at Memorial -- frothing drinks with foam and stuff.

Dylan: You should do it.

Stitch: Yeah, get cocky with your recovery.

Dylan: You do that, 'cause you know what? I need the income. I have to pay my medical bills. 200 bucks an aspirin, Stitch?! Are you kidding me?!

Stitch: It's good aspirin. What do you want?

Abby: You are the smartest woman that I know. I think everyone just focuses on how nice you are. You are the sweetest -- you're like a warm hug that makes everybody feel better. But you're tough, too. And you've been through things that would crush most people. And I know that I will never be as good as you, but I hope one day I can be as strong.

Traci: That's so sweet. [Sniffles] What a lovely thing to say.

Abby: I mean it.

Traci: I have something else lovely that I recently heard. I would like to share with you. Men are a luxury, not a necessity.

Abby: That is brilliant. Where did you hear that?

Traci: Uh, Cher.

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