Best Y&R Lines Thursday 6/26/14

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 6/26/14


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Todd: You gave us all quite a scare.

Paul: [Raspily] Hey, brother. hair on your face, man.

Todd: Hey, you rest now, all right? Spend some time with your wife.

Abby: Innocent? [Scoffs] What a crock. After everything she's done to me. She constantly undermined our relationship.

Tyler: She tried, all right? But she couldn't. And she couldn't because I don't love her, Abby. I love you. You're so different from her. At least I thought you were. But it turns out that you can manipulate with the best of them.

Abby: Oh, because I didn't roll over and let her victimize me? Because I didn't let her continue to prey on my family, now suddenly I'm this lying, scheming bitch? Is that what you think of me? Really?

Tyler: I think that you were right. Maybe there isn't a chance for us.

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