Best Y&R Lines Friday 6/13/14

Y&R Best Lines Friday 6/13/14


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Chelsea: I grabbed a photo of Connor before I left.

Billy: You mean you took a picture of him?

Chelsea: No, I mean, I actually grabbed a framed photo from the living room. [Chuckles] I couldn't resist. It's in my bag. It's a couple months old, though. He looks so different. God, he's changing so fast. Who knows what he'll look like by the time we get back.

Billy: Am I supposed to feel like a jerk for asking you to come?

Chelsea: Asking? You begged.

Billy: Well, you don't have any free will. You can't say no.

Chelsea: No. It's that I know how much Victoria means to you, and if I can help get the two of you back together, then I can handle a round-trip flight to Australia.

Jack: No sign of that, either. Kyle hasn't heard from her.

Nick: Same from fen and Noah and all of her friends. Mom told me that Dad has people out looking for Summer.

Jack: Well, that's great. Victor using his minions for good. Amazing.

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