Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 6/10/14

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 6/10/14


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Billy: What would Goose say to Maverick, hmm? Would he abandon him?

Chelsea: Goose and Maverick?

Billy: Yeah, haven't you ever seen "Top Gun"?

Chelsea: Like, 100 years ago.

Billy: Yeah, and Goose was Maverick's sidekick, and I thought you were supposed to be mine. You can't give up on me now.

Chelsea: Doesn't Goose die?

Billy: Yeah, but you can't let something silly like that keep you from helping me.

Jack: Ever wonder how she'd handle this?

Summer: Hmm. Mom would want to storm over to Austin's house...

Jack: [Chuckles]

Summer: ...Get right up in his face, and demand answers.

Jack: I can hear her right now. "Nobody keeps my kid in the dark and gets away with it!"

Summer: Yeah, and then I'd beg her to please, just let me handle it myself.

Jack: And eventually, she'd relent.

Summer: Yes, but then taking the backseat would drive her crazy.

Jack: 'Cause she trusted you to stand up for yourself.

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