Best Y&R Lines Friday 4/25/14

Y&R Best Lines Friday 4/25/14


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Colin: I-I'm sick of chasing after some mystery music box with a fortune that probably doesn't even exist. Not that I wouldn't make a buck out of it if I could, but...

Jill: Ooh. That's a relief.

Colin: It is?

Jill: Yeah, for a minute there, I thought I'd changed you into an honest man, and that would be way boring.

Colin: Look, the call... it -- it was, uh... it was to my banker. I-I want to set up a trust fund for the kids.

Jill: That is so sweet.

Colin: I thought so.

Jill: But promise me you're not gonna go all Grandpa on me.

Colin: Oh, there's not much chance of that happening.

Jack: I blame it on the concert.

Kelly: Oh. Really? You were swept away by the memory of the music?

Jack: Yeah, yeah. Italian baroque is a real turn-on.

Kelly: Is that a fact?

Jack: Well-documented fact. In fact, you think Vivaldi's hot, good thing Scarlatti and Corelli weren't part of the program.

Kelly: [Laughs] It wasn't just the music, Jack. Like you said, that, uh, that -- that kiss was very nice.

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