Best Y&R Lines Monday 3/3/14

Y&R Best Lines Monday 3/3/14


Provided By Darlene

Billy: I came to say I'm sorry. For everything. And we agreed that what happened would never see the light of day, and... apparently I told an entire room of hostages.

Kelly: Yeah, you forgot the two gunmen and the policeman listening in downstairs and the paramedics that carted you away and the -- the people that were --

Billy: I got it. I made a bad judgment call.

Kelly: But you were passing out from pain, so...

Billy: Yeah, still, I should have kept my mouth shut, no matter how many chandeliers hit me.

Nick: Well, you kept Ian busy, otherwise he may have bolted.

Dylan: Bolted? I don't know. He -- he was weighted down with that big bag of cash.

Stitch: Have you slept lately?

Victoria: Does staring at the ceiling count?

Stitch: What about eating?

Victoria: Yogurt. Yeah. I had yogurt. Yesterday.

Stitch: Oh, so no food, no sleep, and a boat load of emotion you think you can't share with your husband. Something had to give.

Victoria: So, my lips on your face was it.

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