Best Y&R Lines Friday 2/28/14

Y&R Best Lines Friday 2/28/14


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Colin: You know, I've heard of people who are pack rats... but who keeps report cards going back to elementary school?

Jill: Uh, Katherine, obviously.

Colin: She got a "C" in penmanship.

Jill: Well, I imagine that was pretty tricky, chiseling those letters into the stone tablets.

Colin: I figured I might run you a nice, hot bath.

Jill: A nice, hot bath? And then you'll spend the next 20 minutes begging to scrub my back.

Colin: No ulterior motives. I just want to see my lady all nice and refreshed and wanting to get back at it.

Jill: While you continue to search down here and hide whatever you find from me.

Colin: [Laughs] Oh, we're still negotiating. All right. All right. Plan "B."

Jill: Mm.

Colin: While you bounce in the bubbly up there...

Jill: Mm-hmm?

Colin: ...I will go into the kitchen, make myself a nice roast beef sandwich, which I will bring into the bathroom and consume underneath your watchful eye, yes.

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