Best Y&R Lines Thursday 2/27/14

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 2/27/14


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Michael: Ow! Ow! Son of a gun! [Groans]

Paul: Oh, oh! Are you okay? Let me see.

Michael: Yes, I am fine, but how can a door be such a hazard? I could have been knocked unconscious just -- just lying there, spinning for hours.

Paul: No, no. We would have discovered your drying carcass and I would have had you removed in 5, 10 minutes flat, easy.

Paul: Well, we haven't spent a lot of time socially together in the last few months.

Michael: Yeah. Everything's behind us now, Paul. Why don't -- you know, wouldn't it be nice just to sit down and have a meal and laugh like we used to?

Paul: You mean without the threat of me sending you or your son to the big house.

[ Both chuckle ]

Paul: Look, we're laughing, just like you said.

Michael: Yeah. Exactly. We've been on the opposite side of so many matters lately, but it's a whole new day. Everything is free and clear, so just let's sit down and break bread.

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