Best Y&R Lines Friday 2/7/14

Y&R Best Lines Friday 2/7/14


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Leslie: You're right. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter who or what. I mean, we had an appointment, and I-I blew it.

Neil: Okay. Without you there, I had to make some choices. David Tutera -- he does everything over-the-top. This -- this we know. Circus performers. They're really big at wedding receptions now. Did you know that? I signed us up for stilt walkers and contortionists. [Chuckles] Right? And the whole theme -- the color theme of the wedding is gonna be magenta, teal, and black. And, oh, get this -- he -- he had an idea that everyone in the wedding reception should wear pink corsets. I don't think I'd look good in a pink corset, 'cause it'd be kind of tight, might hurt my ribs a little bit, but [Laughs] Leslie, come on. Lighten up. These are jokes, right? Just jokes. Can't I get a chuckle, maybe a smile?

Leslie: I'm a big girl, Neil. Okay? I screwed up. You can hold me accountable, okay?

Kelly: I forget. Have you always been this self-righteous, or is it the doctor's coat that makes you feel like god, casting judgment to all us little people down here?

Stitch: There's no judging.

Kelly: The kind of loss that we suffered...

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