Best Y&R Lines Friday 1/31/14

Y&R Best Lines Friday 1/31/14


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Tyler: Does this mean you forgive me?

Abby: Is that supposed to be a "will you forgive me kiss"? Because you're gonna have to do better than that.

Tyler: Oh, really?

Abby: Mm-hmm.

Tyler: How 'bout that?

Abby: Getting there.

Tyler: Okay. Babe, we're gonna have to take this somewhere else if I need more forgiveness than that.

Abby: You don't.

Nikki: Well, so is Victoria, and that poor dead child was her stepdaughter. She and Billy have been mourning her for months. And Billy is going crazy trying to find her killer. You could have given him the peace that he so desperately needs, but you wouldn't.

Victor: How would it have given peace of mind to "Billy Boy" Abbott to know that Adam killed his daughter?

Nikki: Are you actually gonna sit there and try to justify what you did?!

Victor: You bet! You bet I'm trying to justify it! What do you think would have happened if "Billy Boy" Abbott had known that Adam was responsible for the accidental death for his daughter? He would have been furious! He would have unleashed his fury on the rest of the family! How do you think Victoria would have lived with that?!

Nikki: How are you going to live with knowing you were willing to let Delia's killer go unpunished?!

Victor: I did what I had to do!

Nikki: Oh, you did what you had to do?!

Victor: You bet!

Nikki: You betrayed our daughter to protect your murdering son!

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