Best Y&R Lines Friday 1/10/14

Y&R Best Lines Friday 1/10/14


Provided By Eva

Kevin: If there's any other way to generate a list --

Alex: Black SUVs registered in and around Genoa City with Wisconsin plates starting with the letter "G." I'd say we're starting at the right place.

Kevin: Yeah, right here in front of this stupid little frozen hour glass!

Alex: Whoa! You need to take a chill pill. Relax.

Alex: You should eat something. Now, you like, uh, orange beef, right?

Kevin: Not especially. No.

Alex: Okay, we have a tasty selection of garlic chicken, kung pao shrimp... fried rice... fortune cookie.

Kevin: How long has this stuff been sitting out here?

Alex: Not long. Just like a couple of...days.

Kevin: Yeah, no. Food poisoning -- not exactly my thing. But thanks for the offer.

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