Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 12/10/13

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 12/10/13


Provided By Darlene

Jill: Hold it! Oh. Or feel free to step off, preferably between floors. Or maybe that would be interrupting your regular schedule of trying to poison innocent people and ruin their lives.

Hilary: I'm actually on my way to see my boss. Jack Abbott? You might have heard of him.

Jill: I'll bet your favorite part of the day is sharpening pencils. So good for backstabbing.

Hilary: I use pens. They're permanent.

Hilary: I hit the call button.

Jill: Obviously the elevator knows not to trust you, either.

Hilary: Or maybe it was you jamming your steam trunk in the door.

Jill: Did you set this up? Is this some sort of scam? Did you futz with this electrical panel?

Hilary: Oh, yeah, because it's my dream to be stuck in a cramped, tiny space with you. It's not gonna be long. Let's not use up the oxygen by talking.

Jill: Or you could just hold your breath for 10 minutes.

Hilary: You want to know about my childhood?

Jill: No. Please, don't mistake my total and complete boredom for interest in you.

Hilary: Hmm. That's a relief. I was worried.

Jill: But I'm waiting.

Hilary: Don't you have a TV in that bag or a three-piece band? Something to entertain you other than me?

Billy: Speaking of frozen --

Kelly: Yes, my freezer's still dead.

Billy: You know what? You should try the guy that I use at the restaurant. You can mention my name. You might get half off. He might charge you double.

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