Best Y&R Lines Thursday 12/5/13

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 12/5/13


Provided By Darlene

Noah: I don't mind Grandpa challenging me, okay? It's Kyle being dead-set on seeing me fail that makes me want to punch somebody -- him, actually.

Abby: Noah?

Noah: The guy's coming in there with his high-tech pitch, using words like "guerilla advertising" and "earworms." Who says things like that?

Abby: Noah.

Noah: I told him that Grandpa only took his pitch to piss Jack off, but no. Cocky lunkhead just refuses to believe that -- thinks he got this assignment all on his own.

Abby: Noah, stop talking.

Adam: Chelsea and I share a son... and, for now, my penthouse.

Jack: And that's all.

Adam: Well, we don't want to kill each other when we're in the same room together, so there's that.

Jack: Adam, I've been in marriages where I couldn't claim that.

Abby: What's new with you guys?

Noah: Oh, you know, the usual corporate intrigue. I'm sure Kyle here can tell you more about it than I can. He' much better at it.

Kyle: You'll catch up, newbie.

Noah: Sooner than you think.

Kyle: Certainly hope so. You've got to do something to prove you didn't get the job just because your name is Newman.

Noah: And you got the job because you kissed my grandfather's a--

Abby: Okay.

Kyle: You know, why don't you go back to work for your father? You really had that bartending thing down.

Noah: I make a point of being good at everything that I do.

Kyle: Yeah. Me too, Noah. I just set the bar a little bit higher than you.

Noah: Sure, lipstick and mascara -- that's real serious stuff.

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