Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 12/3/13

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 12/3/13


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Sharon: Wow. You look like you're ready to go 10 rounds with Floyd Mayweather.

Dylan: You know your boxing, huh?

Sharon: Well, only because Noah and nick were talking about it over thanksgiving. Um, you know, I heard the news about you being --

Dylan: Being Nikki's son? Merry early Christmas.

Chelsea: Oh. I must have thrown it in there this morning when I was doing laundry.

Adam: You were doing laundry? That's Vanessa's job.

Chelsea: The woman has enough on her plate.

Adam: The woman gets well-compensated for it.

Chelsea: Well, she works her butt off. She should. And I told you, I want to be a more hands-on mom. That's why we let the other nanny go, remember?

Adam: Yeah. Well, you just shouldn't over-burden yourself, that's all.

Chelsea: I'm not. I'm not. I'm just like every other mother who also has a full-time job on the side.

Adam: Perhaps you should find a little balance.

Chelsea: [Chuckles] That is really funny coming from you. These people, they just -- they don't understand. They have to stop. It's, like, too much pressure. They don't realize how hard it is to be creative on the clock while that second hand is just ticking away and ticking away and ticking away. And they like to remind me of that. And then when you meet their deadline, they just ask you for more. It's too much.

Adam: Sounds like an occupational hazard. I guess that's what happens when there are people that love you so much.

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