Best Y&R Lines Thursday 11/21/13

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 11/21/13


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Abby: Uncle Jack, please tell me that Mrs. Martinez is doing her whole old-fashioned Thanksgiving thing this year.

Jack: As far as I know, yeah.

Abby: Great! Because I wanted to have Tyler over -- mashed potatoes, turkey over here. Then go to my dad's for dessert after that. And then after that... I can chow down on the shoe leather that I have in my mouth.

Jack: No, no. You didn't put your foot in your mouth. I... you're in love, and you're happy, and you never have to apologize for that, okay?

Abby: But you're sad about Phyllis.

Jack: It's not sad. This was gonna be our first Thanksgiving together in our new life

Nick: She is bipolar, Dad. If you want to overlook the fact that she has a mental disorder and just write her off as a bad person, then so be it. But I know her. I know how messed up she gets when she feels scared and cornered and desperate. Leave her alone.

Victor: You know, son... I'm beginning to think that you're the delusional one.

Nick: Why? Because I can see Sharon making a sincere effort to get well? She is back in therapy. She is on her meds again.

Victor: Well, whoopee. Let's throw her a parade.

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