Best Y&R Lines Monday 11/18/13

Y&R Best Lines Monday 11/18/13


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Sharon: It was because of my donation -- Nikki's benefit. That's it, Dylan. Right? That's all?

Dylan: Of course. Sharon's right. It was just --

Nick: No, no, it's just you playing the hero again, Dylan, trying to score points with Avery, using my daughter -- my daughter -- to do it.

Dylan: It's just a dollhouse, Nick.

Nick: Yeah, did you tell Avery you were coming? Did she give you that big smile and tell you how great you are, Dylan?

Dylan: I don't have to prove anything to Avery. She knows me. She knows that I think Sharon's a good friend, and Faith is a great kid, and you're flipping out over a dollhouse.

Sharon: You know what, nick? It was a nice idea. Let's just let it go.

Nick: Like hell! You come to my town, come into my home, and weasel your way into my family. Well, I'm tired of it. Listen to me right now. I want you to stay the hell away from me and my family. You got that?

Victoria: Look at me, would you?! [Voice breaking] Look at me! I'm right here. I'm right here. And I know that you're grieving, all right? And that's why I would take any advice from him -- because I want to help you. But then it felt like you were coming back to us.

Billy: Yeah. All right. Maybe -- maybe the meetings work. Maybe they work. Maybe that's what's going on. Maybe they work.

Victoria: No, it wasn't that. It's because I saw you holding Johnny. It feels like forever since you've held him, and he needs you. He needs you so much, and I need you. You're sick, Billy, okay?

Billy: Oh, here we go.

Victoria: It's not the gambling this time -- it's the anger and the -- and the rage and -- and looking for answers online instead of with me and Johnny. Okay? [Sobs] I mean, maybe you're not ready for us. Maybe that's it. Maybe you need us -- maybe I should take a step back -- for all of our sake. Maybe that's what I should do, then!

Billy: Vick, that's not what I need.

Victoria: [Sniffles]

Billy: [Voice breaking] I need you. I'm lost here. I need you.

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