Best Y&R Lines Friday 11/1/13

Y&R Best Lines Friday 11/1/13


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Chloe: Hey. Oh, yeah. There you go. Shh. Hi. You hear what your mama just said? [Voice breaking] My little girl gave you a gift and all the beautiful things that you're gonna see. You know, Christmas is right around the corner. You know what? You're gonna see your first Christmas tree and all the lights. [Breathes shakily] And next year, you'll have your first birthday. Yeah. [Sniffles] You're gonna have your first candle on your first birthday cake. And all along the way, there's going to be [Sighs] Snowflakes, flowers [Sniffles] And rainbows, and stars in the sky. You're gonna see so many incredible things, Connor, and we can't take any of them for granted.

Jack: It's parenthood. It forces us all to hold up the mirror and take a good, long look at ourselves. Adam, you can't change the past. You can't. You can decide if you're gonna be a different person in the future.

Adam: But you can't erase the things that you've done.

Jack: Adam, you're gonna be a wonderful father. I know this. Look how protective you are already. You will be your best self for that boy, and over the years, you will watch that reflected in Connor. And he will love you for exactly who you are.

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