Best Y&R Lines Thursday 10/31/13

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 10/31/13


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Billy: When I, uh, first saw him sitting outside the door, wagging his tail like nothing ever happened, I was so mad at that dog. But then I let myself think, if that silly dog could find his way home, maybe Delia could, too. That damn dog... [Sighs] ...He was the last person to see Delia before the accident. That and the person who killed her. [Chuckles] If only he could tell the cops who that is, huh?

Victoria: So, what we need is a magical talking dog.

Billy: That's exactly what we need. We need a magical talking dog if we're ever gonna find out who killed my kid. That's where we are now.

Victoria: I'm gonna let the dog in.

Billy: Don't do that, please. I really can't take another night of him scratching at Delia's door, begging to get in her room. Every time I look at that dog, I see her face. I think about how happy she was when I gave him to her. I...hear her laughing, and then I think about that night, and I just -- I don't want to look at him right now. [Sighs]

Victoria: Honey. Dot do that.

Billy: I don't know if she let the dog out of the car 'cause he had to go out or if she was chasing him. I don't know. I don't know why she got out of that car, but I know it had something to do with that damn dog, so he can stay outside for right now.

Victoria: First thing tomorrow morning, I'm gonna make some phone calls and I'm gonna find him a really good home, okay?

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