Best Y&R Lines Monday 10/14/13

Y&R Best Lines Monday 10/14/13


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Chloe: I'm glad we're doing this.

Kevin: The date or the kissing?

Chloe: Both.

Kevin: [Chuckles] So, what made you decide to ask me, anyway? First, it was Lauren's dinner, then Delia's play, now this.

Chloe: Uh, Delia told me to do it.

Kevin: Delia told you to ask me out?

Chloe: [Chuckles] Well, she pointed out, in her usual tact, that I had become a lonely and pathetic person since you and I had broken up.

Kevin: She said you were lonely and pathetic? [Laughs] That's awesome!

Billy: Good! Then, let's go! Start moving! Move! Come on! Hey, baby. Don't be scared. I'm right here. What is taking so long?!

You can be with her, say what you got to say, until the room is ready. Then you need to step away.

Billy: Thank you. Okay, baby. We don't have much time. You got to listen to me. These doctors, these nurses, they're gonna fix you good as new, just like before. You remember that, when you were sick? [Voice breaking] You're the strongest little girl that I ever met in my entire life, but you got to be extra strong today, because I love you. [Crying] And you got a lot to do! I-I mean, you've got high school right around the corner, and you've got prom -- god, help me! [Sniffles] Then, uh, college. And then, in 20 years, you and I -- we've got a date, okay? We're talking about a white dress and a tuxedo and a big church and a big party. You know what I'm talking about? [Sniffling] But today -- today, we're gonna be strong. Today's our strong day, okay? You ready? Here we go, baby. [Crying] Okay, honey. I'm gonna be right here! I'm not gonna leave you! I'm standing right here! I'm right here, honey!

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