Best Y&R Lines Thursday 10/3/13

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 10/3/13


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Adam: How's the little guy?

Chelsea: He's actually been fussy all evening.

Adam: Seems fine now.

Chelsea: Well, he finally drifted off to sleep. Which is a good thing 'cause he didn't have to see Victor's looming face.

Adam: You saw my father?

Chelsea: Yeah, I bumped into him outside by the elevator, and he wouldn't tell me what he was doing here.

Adam: Doing what he always does -- spreading joy and happiness and rainbows.

Jack: You're gonna die an unhappy man, Victor, and you'll have no one but yourself to blame. Pushed Nicholas away. Now Adam. I guess Summer is next. Nikki's gonna figure you out for who you are. She'll leave you, too. Don't pretend to relish this victory. It's a hollow victory, and you and I both know it.

Victor: Why don't you go back to Jabot? Take Adam with you. You'd make great partners. Make sure you don't run your father's legacy into the ground. Because when you do, I'll swoop in and buy your company for cents on the dollar. Okay? You and Adam make it almost too easy for me.

Jack: Adam is more of a man than you will ever be. And certainly more of a father.

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