Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 9/24/13

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 9/24/13


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Tyler: "S.O.S. [Chuckles] World possibly ending. Look out for the rest of the 10 plagues"?

Noah: Plagues?

Tyler: Yeah. Hold up. Hold on. "I'm being invaded in my own home"? Oh, "will definitely need TLC later."

Noah: Are you reading some kind of satirical blog? Who talks like that?

Tyler: It's from your aunt.

Noah: Abby! Oh, that makes sense, then. What does she mean?

Tyler: I don't know, man. Who knows? She's sending me some wild texts like this practically every day.

Noah: Well, Abby can be a drama queen.

Abby: A giant rat.

Kyle: A giant rat!

Abby: Mm-hmm!

Kyle: How big? Wow!

Abby: Yeah! And it blinked it's little, beady eyes at us.

Traci: Ew, and just, like, scuttled between our feet.

Abby: [Groans] And that's when she really saw it.

Kyle: What? What did she see?

Traci: A whole rat's nest.

Abby: [Shivers]

Kyle: Oh, no! Did you try to, uh --

Abby: Try to what?!

Traci: Run? Jump? Scream? Yes. Yes, we tried all of it.

Abby: Yes! We threw things at it, but no. Papa rat was not gonna leave, no matter what.

Traci: So we did. And I -- honey, I think it was a mama rat, not a papa rat.

Abby: Well, I was not gonna wait around to find out. I will just get the autopsy report from the exterminator. I am not going back into that place until it is completely rat-free.

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