Best Y&R Lines Friday 8/30/13

Y&R Best Lines Friday 8/30/13


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Billy: No, I'm talking about parenting. Uh, sit down for just a -- take a load off. You see... she helped make it. Rule number one -- you never, ever, ever, ever throw away anything that your kid made. I don't care if it's a drawing of you that makes you look like the back-end of a horse!

Dylan: [Chuckles]

Billy: I don't care if it's the 100th picture frame made out of popsicle sticks! You don't throw it away! Never! You keep all of them -- every last one! And when you hang that bad boy on your fridge... you look at your budding Picasso, and you let them know that it's brilliant! And you look at that ear-to-ear grin he's wearing, because then you're gonna know that there is nothing better than putting a smile on your kid's face. Nothing! Trust me.

Chelsea: Well, that was before this little guy got here! Now I can't imagine having any other baby. He's just so...

Chloe: He's perfect.

Chelsea: [Laughs] It kind of scares me how much I love him. Like, it scares me.

Chloe: Well, I would be scared, too, if Adam fathered my baby.

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