Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 8/27/13

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 8/27/13


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Jack: I've been listening to this nonsense for the last couple of minutes. You just can't stop yourself, can you? You have to push the poor girl out of town so that your people can look after her somewhere?

Victor: You're talking about my granddaughter. That's between her and me.

Jack: We're talking about my daughter. I know that irks you to no end, but you better get used to it... and leave her alone.

Victor: You mean abandon her... like the Abbotts do to their own. Fortunately, she's a Newman.

Summer: Hey, what's going on?

Jack: Your grandfather and I are just discussing vacation spots.

Victor: That's the only thing right that you said -- "Grandfather." She's my granddaughter.

Jack: My mistake was thinking your father had backed off and was gonna give Summer some space.

Victor: I want her protected -- the same thing I want for everyone in my family.

Jack: Face it -- your granddaughter has my blood coursing through her veins. I know you care a great deal about blood. In fact, yours is probably boiling right now.

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