Best Y&R Lines Thursday 8/15/13

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 8/15/13


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Victoria: [Sighs] Nick, it's hot and humid and sticky! Ugh!

Nick: It's called august! It's what happens.

Victoria: Do you think that maybe you could dip into your millions of dollars and spring for an air conditioner?

Nick: It's not that bad. Come on.

Victoria: You have a fan, at least?

Nick: I got a couple upstairs, but faith is sleeping right now. How about a cold glass of ice water?

Victoria: Please? Could you? Thank you! Extra ice!

Billy: I really like the "this time" in your sentence.

Jack: Billy, when -- when Nikki said "No more Newman drama," you looked like you were gonna slink off with your tail between your legs.

Billy: I'm sorry. You're right. I'm sorry. Jack, I made a little miscalculation.

Jack: Oh, Billy.

Billy: I -- look, man! I'm trying to save my marriage, here, okay? I'm going to gamblers anonymous. I-I'm doing everything that I possibly can. I've even recreated a bookcase from Victoria's cherished Newman childhood. Don't ask about it, okay? Look, I-I -- I'm being polite and funny, but I'm not being too funny, because you know what? That comes off as glib. And I'm being sincere, but I'm not being too sincere, because, apparently, that comes off as being phony. And she's -- she's going for it. Like, she's right there. She's with me. And then I -- suddenly, it's not working.

Jack: Where was your miscalculation?

Billy: [Sighs] In the grand plan that I had to win her back for good.

Jack: It went ka-boom.

Billy: It went ka-boom, brother, all in my face. And forgive me -- I don't want to really recant the details of that disastrous moment. I just don't want --

Jack: I only want one detail. Was it enough to push Victoria away forever, or can you win her back?

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