Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 7/9/13

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 7/9/13


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Chelsea: Sure. We can create exactly what we want for our family. Chelsea's a great designer. I know she'll make it amazing.

Anita: How? She sunk all the money that she got from Adam into the fashion line. I mean, unless you didn't.

Chelsea: Money is not the point, Mom.

Anita: Of course. I forgot. I'm sorry.

Jeff: [Scoffs] Money's not the point? [Laughs] You didn't get that attitude from me, missy.

Anita: Sweetheart, Jeff and I are happy for you -- over the moon. Aren't we?

Jeff: [Chuckles] You know your old man -- always the foot in the mouth. But hand to god -- we just want the best for you.

Dylan: So do I. You guys can be sure of that.

Jeff: Can I? 'Cause [Laughs] See, the truth is, I don't know you from Adam. Well, not that I -- y-you know, the biblical one. The saying. Um, Chelsea... hasn't been part of my life for all that long, but I've kind of gotten used to her. Now, Adam didn't always treat her right, but, um, at least we knew she was looked after. But you -- you're a vet who's good with a nail gun. That's all we know about you. So, if you're planning on looking after my daughter and grandkid --

Chelsea: Okay, I already told Dylan that you pretended that I wasn't yours. So I don't think he's gonna buy this whole concerned-father thing, either.

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