Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 6/5/13

Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 6/5/13


Provided By Eva

Billy: Ninja-warrior teddy bears. That's what we said.

Victoria: No, I am trying to raise our son in a violence-free environment. Come here...

Billy: Good luck with that.

Victoria: ...Before Daddy completely corrupts you.

Billy: "Corrupts"? I am an excellent role model.

Victoria: There, it's okay, Johnny. Pretty soon, Mommy and you will spend a lot of time together 'cause Mommy won't be working anymore, and then you and me and Daddy will find lots of peace-loving ways to spend our time.

Billy: Okay, hippies. You're gonna have to form the flower chains by yourself because the boulevard beckons.

Chloe: You lying, cheating, thieving --

Kevin: Oh, don't leave out "no-good."

Chloe: ...No-good, son of a waste of space. What happened to a new life and new dreams? The only thing that you're dreaming about is finding something that's gonna land you back in jail.

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