Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 6/4/13

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 6/4/13


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Gloria: Lauren? Who's the bastard? Tell me his name.

Michael: What are you gonna do, take him out?

Gloria: I know people. Who was it?

Michael: Carmine Basco.

Gloria: [Laughs] Carmine Basco, who was chasing after Angelina and tried to kidnap Chloe?

Michael: No, another carmine Basco here in Genoa City.

Gloria: Oh! Well, he is kind of handsome... in a gigolo sort of way. He was pulling in all kinds of tips at Gloworm. Guess now we know the kind of services he was providing

Chloe: That was a terrible dream.

Kevin: Hey, it's your dream. You're entitled to smack me in the head if that's what you want.

Chloe: No, no, no. This is our dream. This is it. This is perfect. I am glamorous. I am incredible. I am Mrs. Kevin Fisher, A.K.A., the tech god. Tell them.

Kevin: It's cutting-edge technology. It's bigger than FacePlace. It's bigger than the internet. I am the future of technology. Behold... hacktastica? That's my future?

Chloe: I just branded it with a name. You have to come up with the rest, with the genius part. We're gonna be so rich.

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