Best Y&R Lines Monday 6/3/13

Y&R Best Lines Monday 6/3/13


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Chelsea: Maybe I should bang on the counter, too, since everything about my child's entire existence is a lie, and I will continue to live that lie every day of my life. How have I turned into my mother? I'm running a lifelong con.

Chloe: No. Wait. Look, you made your decision, and you were happy with it. You were like, "Yay! Happy!" You found the best guy for your kid. Dylan is your savior, and Adam is a good-looking, rich ogre.

Adam: I understand lingering emotions. And, uh... perhaps you're just not wanting to commit to my brother because you still have feelings for Sergeant McAvoy.

Avery: He was a lieutenant, and Dylan and I have moved on, and you know that.

Adam: Sex and love... two entirely different things. Dylan may be playing Daddy to Chelsea's baby bump, but I think you and I both know that his heart is still with you.

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