Best Y&R Lines Thursday 5/30/13

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 5/30/13


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Phyllis: You didn't create a simulated earthquake or tidal wave, did you?

Jack: No hurricanes, no tornados.

Phyllis: No locusts, no killer bees?

Jack: I hope it's not gonna take a natural disaster to get you to move back in with me.

Phyllis: You said you wouldn't push.

Jack: Okay. No hands. No lips. No push. Just raw truth. You are missed. You are sorely missed.

Traci: I'm just so very happy that Billy has turned his life around.

Billy: That sound like a compliment to you?

Jack: Backhand.

Billy: Mm.

Jack: Passing shot, right down the line.

Traci: No, I mean that they are working very hard on their relationship, their marriage. I'm just genuinely happy for you and for Victoria. There is nothing backhanded about that, and with the tennis references, this is making my knee ache just thinking about it.

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