Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 5/28/13

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 5/28/13


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This is from the special tribute episode to Jeanne Cooper by some of the cast of "The Young and the Restless."

Joshua Morrow (Nick Newman): First started the show, I was 20. Really...whatever. [Chuckles] And she walks up to me and stroked my face and goes -- she was, like, kind of petting me, and she goes, "Listen, you're gonna get a lot of girls."


And -- and I said -- I went, "Wow, thanks." And then she stopped petting me and squeezed my face and said, "Don't be stupid." [Laughs]

Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe Fisher)

Yeah, you called her "Janina." I called her "Jeannie-Jeanne." She called me "Kathy-Kate." She called me "Little Ho."


Elizabeth Hendrickson: Every day. Didn't get "Elizabeth." Didn't get "Lizzie." Just "Little Ho." I had no idea her name was Jeanne for the longest time. 'Cause everybody calls her something different.

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