Best Y&R Lines Thursday 5/16/13

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 5/16/13


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Chelsea: Did the people at the deli look at you like you're completely crazy?

Dylan: Uh, not until I bought a bottle of sriracha and jalapeño hot sauce.

Chelsea: [Chuckles] Wow. You're gonna do this to the baby, too, aren't you? Buy -- buy six toys just in case the first one doesn't do the trick.

Dylan: I'm cautious.

Chelsea: Not with your wallet, you're not.

Dylan: Four.

Chelsea: What?

Dylan: Well, I wouldn't buy him or her six toys, not right off the bat. I'll go with four.

Chelsea: Four. And what would those four be?

Dylan: Those four would be a ball, a bear... a puzzle, and a book. And then, you know, down the line, maybe a doll and a truck.

Chelsea: Which makes six.

Dylan: Yeah, but not all at once.

Chelsea: [Laughs] So a truck and a doll. It's very -- very gender-neutral of you.

Dylan: [Sighs] No guns.

Chelsea: You mentioned the army the first night I cried all over you.

Sharon: Noah's right. You do look well. I was sorry to hear about your diagnosis.

Nikki: Well, now, Sharon, I'm not so far gone that I need your pity. And really, when you think about the things that matter, my life is quite wonderful. I have a loving husband, good doctors. I'm physically and mentally strong. So you save that pity for somebody who doesn't have the important things in life, okay?

Adam: Okay, well, I could fire Sharon, but she doesn't work at Newman. I could divorce her, but we're not married. So eliminating Sharon from my life -- it's not an issue. No problem. So I guess that means we can go forward with the financing, then, right?

Victor: Son, you don't quite understand me. Sharon is in your life. Okay? It's a reflection of your mentality... reflection on your ability to make the right decisions... regarding yourself and regarding the company. You put her in charge when you were in the hospital.

Adam: Dad, there were safeguards in place. She had no real power. You knew that. The press had a field day with it, but you and the board members knew about it.

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