Best Y&R Lines Monday 5/6/13

Y&R Best Lines Monday 5/6/13


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Chelsea: This is pointless. You're out there somewhere in the ether.

Chloe: On a desk, actually. Kevin and I are in a rut. We were trying to liven things up -- like on the drafting table and in the back room. [Chuckles]

Chelsea: You had sex at the office? I work there, Chloe. I use that desk.

Chloe: What? It had to happen. Don't worry. We were careful. And plus, don't get all over me and my husband for trying to have a little zest for life, because, you know, you haven't really been very focused, either.

Chelsea: You have a very tricky relationship with honesty, don't you?

Chloe: Well, unlike you, I am not a waffler, a flip-flopper, a truth-teller, even, and I am okay with that. You need to look at the situation. Dylan wants to be a daddy, and you need a father for this heat monster that is currently residing in your belly. So, yay! Happiness for everyone.

Chelsea: Do you think I like being morally upright? This isn't easy for me, either. There's a ton of stuff I need to unlearn, like years of bad behavior.

Chloe: Okay, so then why concern yourself with all of it?

Chelsea: Because I swear it feels like a vice just -- just squeezing on my lungs -- the idea of having to lie forever -- through a pregnancy, through a birth, through Dylan becoming close to the baby, and then the baby becoming close to Dylan, and then I have to continue to lie and lie and keep on lying. [Sighs] He wants to meet with me tomorrow morning -- Dylan -- and talk about the baby and how much this means to him.

Chloe: Oh, all that and those big, beautiful blue eyes. You know what? You are so lucky. I hate you.

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