Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 4/30/13

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 4/30/13


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Tyler: You know, I bet this coffee tastes better than when Kevin's behind the counter. Put something special in here, don't you?

Chloe: [Chuckles] I make it the same way Kevin does.

Tyler: Well, maybe it's just you that makes it special.

Chloe: "A," she knows better than to trash her boss, my husband. And, "B," why are you harassing my employees? Shouldn't you be over at the test shoot, checking out that new hot guy you want to hire as a model?

Tyler: Well, Chelsea said things were fine. And it seemed like you're the one that had the problem. So if you still got issues with summer, you need to take it up with your business partner.

Chloe: Look, all I'm saying is that I want to lay my eyes on this guy before we get all excited. I think that we need a woman's perspective when it comes to hiring beefcake. I'm sorry, but I just don't trust a straight man's opinion when it comes to who's hot and who's not.

Tyler: Oh, no? Well, I'm a straight man, and I think that you're smokin' hot.

Chloe: Oh, my God. That is so sweet. And so obvious.

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