Best Y&R Lines Thursday 4/25/13

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 4/25/13


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Chloe: Yo. Hey, we're closed. Why don't you take it somewhere else?

Adam: Ever so charming, as always, Chloe. Just devastated that we're not in business with each other anymore. Chelsea, here's a gift for you.

Chelsea: Don't do this.

Adam: No, no, no. This gift you're actually gonna enjoy. It's our divorce papers, signed, finalized. So, now you can go out and celebrate. Go have sex with a stranger. Scratch that. You already did.

Adam: So, I guess we're done here. You got your divorce papers, the financial settlement. We're good.

Chelsea: I offered to give that back.

Adam: You know, I'm curious. I do have one question. When I cut you that big, fat check, were you pregnant before or after?

Chelsea: Stop it.

Adam: You were a con to the very core, Chelsea, literally begging me to leave Genoa City, head to Paris. Here you are -- you didn't go anywhere, so it must... we should have gone to paris together. That way, you could have gotten pregnant with some Jean-Claude something-or-other instead of --

Chloe: Okay. You know what? What kind of sick bastard hammers away at a woman who's pregnant with hi--

Chelsea: Hey! I don't need you fighting my battles, and I don't need you in my face. Thanks for the papers.

Adam: You're very welcome. Dylan McAvoy has no idea what's in store for him. Better him than me.

Adam: That's right. I'm your son, and you're my father... today. So, you haven't written me off or disowned me this week.

Victor: I know, Adam, that we have both said things that we wish we hadn't, but here we are now, and we're gonna run this company together, okay?

Adam: So, should I sit on your lap?

Victor: Where you sit, we'll decide later. But you saved my life. I will never forget that. You're my son. This is our company now.

Adam: You talk a good game. There's only one way to know if you really mean it.

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