Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 4/17/13

Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 4/17/13


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Victoria: Adam at my mom's birthday dinner. I mean, really. Really. Who thought that this was a good idea?!

Billy: Well...if we need a human shield, he has experience at taking a bullet. Come on. What are you so worried about? That there's gonna be a lot of shop talk? Your dad and your brother -- the new co-masters of the Newman universe.

Adam: Wow.

Billy: What?

Adam: Your wife, Victoria -- she likes me. She really, really likes me.

Billy: Thank you.

Adam: Either that or she's just putting on a hell of a performance.

Billy: It's a family dinner, man. This is how it's done, dude. We -- we all kiss, we make up, we make nice. Here we are.

Adam: Well, you're a betting man, right?

Billy: [Sighs] That's past tense, very past tense.

Adam: Well, then, a friendly wager for bar nuts. How long until Victoria turns that good cheer into rage and loathing aimed at my direction?

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