Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 4/16/13

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 4/16/13


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Adam: Why would Chelsea be here? She's made her choice. I hope she finds what she's looking for.

Sharon: Like you have now that your father's cold heart has melted and you finally have his love and acceptance?

Adam: [Chuckles] What, have you suddenly become a shrink?

Sharon: I know how much it meant to you, Adam, and how long you've waited for his approval. Now that you'll be working side-by-side, that must feel like a miracle.

Adam: Pretty soon you're gonna have us by a campfire cooking up the walleye we both caught out at the lake together.

Adam: I need to keep my eyes open. Message received.

Sharon: You know, you're opening yourself up to a man who is known to break hearts carelessly. And you're putting your trust in him at Newman. I just don't want to see you get hurt. That's all.

Adam: Well, I just had a bullet removed from my back, so how much more hurt can you get?

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