Best Y&R Lines Monday 4/8/13

Y&R Best Lines Monday 4/8/13


Provided By Eva

Adam: So, we're gonna do this -- the father and son thing?

Victor: Don't expect me to fawn over you, okay?

Adam: Or take a bullet for me?

Victor: Well, hopefully that opportunity never arises. Having said that, I'm in your debt.

Adam: Loyalty only goes so far with you, dad, especially with Newman, so can you really look me in the eye and tell me you're not gonna try and push me out?

Abby: Hey.

Alex: Hey.

Abby: Oh, you know, wait. The name will come to me.

Alex: Huh.

Abby: Hmm. Mnh-mnh.

Alex: I'm sorry. I know I haven't been in touch. We've been slammed here --

Abby: Yeah, working 24/7 to try to catch the slimeball who tried to take out my family. Well, um...that's why I brought you dinner. I figured you hadn't had a decent one in a while.

Alex: Well, I have been surviving on candy bars and stale doughnuts. [Sniffs] [Speaking Spanish] I just realized how hungry I was. Thank you, Abby.

Abby: You're welcome.

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